Direct V - Straight Hole

Drift Correction Tool (DCT)

Direct V is fully automatic, electro mechanical, and has a closed loop system with a configureable +/- .2° inclination accuracy threshold that allows the moveable hydraulic stabilizers to expand and to redirect the path to vertical.

Direct V (Remus) specifications
6.5" tool holes size: 7.875 - 8.258.0" tool hole size: 9.875 - 12.25
Integrated MWD - NoIntegrated electronics - YES
Pressure rating - 20,000 psiTool length - 10.5' - 12 '
Max operating temperature - 329° FMax build range - 10° / 100'
Flow rate range - 300 - 650 gpmMaximum WOB - 58,000 lbs
Max torque - 16,600 ft-lbsMax rotary speed - 250 rpm
Max overpull to re-run - 625,000 lbsMax overpull to failure - 821,000 lbs
Automated closed loop control - YesBit pressure drop limits pressure drop across tools - 400 psi min to 1,200 psi max
Direct V Advantages

  • Save money; more cost effective than a MWD motor configuration
  • Automatically corrects drift
  • Steerable hole means less hole friction, less stuck drill strings
  • Improved hole cleaning
  • 4 battery packs, 300 hours
  • Easier casing runs, due to less tortuous holes
  • Stays within extremely tight targets
  • Higher ROP – continuous rotation increase ROP over sliding with motor
  • Unlimited mud capability; where some chemicals and muds attack motor stators
  • More accurate directional control, sensors are close to bit, no motor tool face windup, the DCT can make directional corrections in a timelier manner than a person
  • Drills wells fasstet, with more weight on bit, without need for feathering or correction slides
  • No need for expensive mud motor

  • Can be run independently or used with any mud motor
  • Compatible with all survey tools and MWD systems – although MWD system not required
  • Low cost to operate; 50% lower part count than competing systems
  • Simple and rugged design
  • Mud lube bearings
  • Mud flow is straight through center shaft eliminating loss of ability to circulate mud
  • High LCM compatible, mud bleed into tool for control is filtered both mechanically and centrifugally to minimize chance of LCM plugging up the works
  • Control system and bearing system are both seal free and work well in oil based mud
  • Control system needs minimum 400 psi bit pressure to drop to operate
    Fail safe mode for the tool’s steering devices retract and tool becomes .25° under gauge packed hole assembly