Mudlink (High Speed Upgrade)
  • New Technology supports up to 0.15 second pulse width.
  • Reliability, patent pending PCB board mounting. Makes boards impervious to shock and vibrations
  • Real time shock, vibration and RPM.
  • Full memory capabilities, with graphical interface.
  • Patented Mudlink dual digitizer decoding. Advanced syncing, pulse detection and error checking.
  • Includes gamma and resistivity logging software.
  • Dynamic telemetry – telemetry switches automatically between rotating and sliding; no need to program check points in telemetry sequence.
  • Re-sync on rotary, no need to recycle pumps.
  • Drilling dynamics – plot all EDR data with calculated and decoded data.
  • Flow switch or rotary downloading; 49 options

Downhole Upgrade

ItemPart No.Description
1340501New pulser with trade in
2153371Latching Helix
3150521Triangle Main Shaft
4152241Poppet Bolt
51564711.145 Carbide Poppet Tip
6156481Large Latching Muleshoe
71541461.25 Carbide Bottom Sleeve Orifice
81541411.28 Carbide Bottom Sleeve Orifice

Surface System Upgrade

ItemPart No.Description
734091119" Mudlink Dual Digitzer Decoder (MLD)
8340951IHUB Command with software & MicroHard
9411251Transducer Y Cable
10410441100ft Transducer Cable
410443300ft Transducer Cable
341011Mudlink Transducer 1502 Hammer Union Conn.
340981Tool Programming/Testing Kit

OPTIONAL Rotary Connector Conversion

Increase the MTBF of your strings by upgrading the housing and connectors

Upgrade Advantages – Increase the MTBF of your strings by upgrading the housing and connectors:

  • Our Super Alloy is a combination of high strength non-magnetic materials, with superior wear and corrosion resistance
  • Easy assembly and more reliable
  • Less servicing time means lower operational cost
  • No more interconnects
Part No.DescriptionUnits
342281Directional Module skin and connector upgrade2
340202Battery Module Rotary Connector Upgrade2
342341Pulser Rotary top Conversion*0
342342Gamma Module Rotary Connector upgrade2