Measurement While Drilling Kit

With a maximum operating temperature of 175°C (347°F), the Vertex MWD kit offers a rugged design built to withstand the most extreme drilling conditions. Three times faster data transmission ensures operators see added value compared to conventional mud pulse.

A patent pending, printed circuit board rail mount along with a proprietary snubber design, dampens shock and vibration, reducing the stress on the internal electronics which leads to longer life and dramatically reduces problems from occurring.

An innovative latching muleshoe design provides downhole reliability while remaining retrievable and re-seatable. Integrated rubber fin centralizers along with custom rotary connectors, allow for quick connections in the field. With a unique pulser bottom end, the HPC MWD Kit offers the highest LCM tolerance in its class. Low operating costs and simple fast serviceability, along with a platform designed around adding in new features, ensures this product will be a valuable long term investment.

LogIT MWD Laptop & Surface Software

  • Integrated gamma LWD Logging Software
  • Wireless connection to Rig Floor Display
  • Programs tools string and decoder
  • Tool diagnostics and surface testing capabilities
  • Single application for MWD, tool programming and tool diagnostics
  • Real-time display of decoding data and historical view of mud pulse data
  • Integrated survey sheet with plan and vertical section view
  • Display and transmit WITS data from external sources
  • Visual and audible alerts to decoding events
  • Full screen customizable drillers view for rig floor display
  • Tool tracking module available

Directional Module and Controller

  • Low power (0.6W idle, 3.0W peak)
  • Integrated memory (16 MG) with full data logging of sensors and events
  • Vertex communication protocol designed to add additional sensors
  • Inclination accuracy ± 0.1°
  • Azimuth accuracy ± 0.5° (at 90° Inclination)
  • Toolface accuracy ± 1.0°
  • Total g field accuracy ± 3.0°mg; total h field accuracy ± 3.0 nT
  • RPM measurement 2-200 RPM ± 2% of value
  • Real time shock, vibration and RPM pulsed to surface
  • Dynamic rotation/sliding sequences

Pressure Transducer and Cable

  • 5000 psi NPT and Hammer Union style isolated transducers
  • 80′ cable for short distance between doghouse and standpipe connections
  • Zero noise, double-braided shield cable

Vertex Battery Modules

  • Dual battery configuration with automatic battery 1/battery 2 switching
  • Battery monitor with power usage as well as shock and vibration logging

Rig Floor Display

  • CE, ATEX Zone 2, NEMA 4x, IP65, Class 1/Division 2 certified
  • Larger 15″ sunlight readable, anti-glare, glove compatible touch screen display
  • Integrated heater allows operation from -40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F)
  • High environmental performance and reliability
  • Automatically decodes mud pulses and displays to Rig Floor Display/safe area laptop
  • Auto detect telemetry sequences for rotating and sliding modes ( switches between the tow modes without cycling pumps on the fly)
  • Down-link via pumps sequences, string rotation sequences or combination of both
  • Wireless communication to Rig Floor display
  • Intrinsically safe connection to certified Class 1/Division
  • Rugged design with visual indicators of pressure, decoding
  • Multiple encoding schemes with advanced decoding capabilities.


  • Poppet driven by high efficiency brush-less DC motor
  • Advanced power supply; minimizes motor impact on battery voltage
  • Flow sensor vibration controlled and user configurable
  • Integrated memory logging collects detailed view of all motor, communication and environmental events down-hole
  • High tolerance to LCM

Vertex Measure While Drilling Kit – Inventory

153512Aluminum Kit Box (8')
340152Lower end, Vertex Latching
340202Battery Module
340401Directional Module
340501Vertex Pulser
340911Rig Floor Display Kit
340951IHub Kit with LWD Software
340981Program & Test Kit
340991UPS kit
341041Pressure Transducer Kit
341161Med. Latching Muleshoe V2
341171Lg. Latching Muleshoe V2
341201Parts Kit
341211Consumables Kit
341221Accessory Kit
341241Running Gear Kit
341251Pressure Transducer Cable Kit

Vertex Measure While Drilling Kit – Accessories

Item No.Part NumberDescriptionQuantity
14315502Pelican Case, 1550 Yellow1
2153501Foam, Accessory Kit Pelican Case1
3340141 Vertex Kit Fin Spare5
4420771 4R Float Assembly, Center Port1
54207612F-3R Float Assembly, Center Port1
6660012Fin Cutter 3 1/2 IF1
7660013Fin Cutter 4 1/2 XH1