Vertex Pulser
  • Operating voltage: 15 – 29 VDC
  • Connector: 8-Conductor Rotary (Isys/GE Pilot) or Kintec (Tensor)
  • Flow sensor is vibration controlled and user-configurable
  • Advanced power supply; minimizes motor impact on battery voltage fluctuation and line noise to external tools
  • Pulse transmission; positive
  • Outer Diameter (Housing): 1.875″
  • Length: 44.1″ – 46.5″
  • Max Operating pressure: 20,000 PSI
  • Max operating temp: 177° C / 350° F (200° C in development)
  • Survival temp electronics: 185° C, Motor 200° C, Mechanical 200° C
  • Vibration: 20 gRMS (15 – 1,0000 Hz)
  • Shock: 1000 g, .5 ms, 1/2 Sine
  • LCM: High Tolerant
  • Tensor: externally controlled pulse line, pulser controls flow switch
  • BlueStar: CAN Bus commands control pulsing, external flow switch
  • Isys Tool String: supports advanced functions
  • Other: can be easily adapted to work with other third-party tools
  • Advanced memory logging stores information regarding environmental conditions experienced, all communications received, and diagnostic information for each pulse executed by the motor.
  • Advanced motor driver algorithm delivers only the power required to move pilot valve poppet at desired rate. Up to 50% power reduction under normal operating conditions. Quick response (< 200 μs) to LCM blockage and pressure events allows motor to deliver up to 100% percent of rated power quickly when needed.
  • Advanced motor driver starts motor in a way that minimizes impact on battery by limiting battery current in a controlled manner.
  • High LCM tolerant
  • Rugged construction; designed for high vibration environment
  • Reduced number of parts makes it easy to service
  • Self adjusting poppet increases efficiency
  • Self-aligning connectors; no more bent pins
  • Twin-start threads, modular design for quicker assembly
  • Can be assembled with minimum set of tools
  • Designed to minimize wash
  • Piston-compensated; tool only uses 5 cubic inches of oil and fills in less than 90 minutes
  • Servo poppet, screen & orifice are changed without removing oil
  • Retrievable
Item No.Part NumberDescriptionQuantity
1150861Pulser Barrel1
2150411Cap. Pulser Male Thread1
3150901Fin End Cap1
4340062Drive Motor Assembly1
5340261Rotary Subconnect Assembly1
6340341Pulser Electronics Assembly1
7340674Compensation Drive Assembly1
8340691Guided Screen Housing Assembly1
9875220O-Ring Viton 75 2203
108690220Back Up. Viton 90 2202
340691Guided Screen Housing Assembly
341391Flow Thru Housing Assembly