The Vertex Resistivity Tool

The Advanced Solution for Propagation & Resistivity:

The resistivity propagation tool consists of dual transmitter per receiver pair spacing’s and two measurement frequencies. It provides eight resistivity measurements, compensated for borehole and electrical errors, in all muds and drilling fluids whether they are oil based or salt saturated.

All downhole measurements are presentable in both real time and memory, as well as being fully customizable dependent upon specific well requirements. This includes, in conjunction with resistivity, MWD steering, gamma, still string pressure, borehole pressure, shock and vibration.

LogIT’s logging software includes resistivity, integrating these measurements to improve the geo-steering effectiveness and provide high quality tools for analyzing the downhole environment.

Resistivity Tool

Part NumberDescriptionQuantity
3417814 3/4 Resisitivity Collar1
3417824 3/4 Resisitivity with DS&B Pressure1
342471 6 3/4 Resisitivity Collar1
342461 6 3/4 Resisitivity with DS&B Pressure1

Applications and Benefits:

The system provides and complete MWD & LWD solution. It combines resistivity, measure-while-drilling, gamma and pressure, to form a 34′ long instrument. No rig floor assembly, no sweat!

  • Geosteering
  • Reserve calculations
  • Optimized completion design
  • Maximize pay-zone exposure
  • Invasion profiling/permeability indication
  • Formation evaluation while drilling in all well trajectories
  • Managed pressure drilling/equivalent circulating density monitoring
  • Wireline-quality resistivity measurements in hard to reach deviated sections

Resistivity Conversion Kit 4 3/4 and 6 3/4

Standard Resistivity Conversion Parts

Part NumberDescriptionQuantity
151941Barrel, Double Ext Fin1
151991Barrel, Eight DD Battery1
152251 Coupler, Finned5
152452 Cone, Battery1
152782Coupler, Reducing Finned1
153771Cap, Thread 3.5 IF Male1
154781Barrel, Resisitivity Gamma-Pulser1
154781Barrel, Resisitivity Gamma-Pulser1
154821Tool, Resistivity Muleshoe1
342031SASM, Battery Switch1
341641SASM, Battery Off Cap1
341951SASM, Resistivity Gamma1
342021Cross-Over, Batt-D4
875132O-Ring Viton 75 1322
875224O-RING VITON 75 2248
918138-8Screw, SHC 6-32 x 1/2 Brass1
154061Cap, Thread 3 1/2 Female1
341701SASM Top Interconnect1
947138-6Screw Flat Phil 6-32 x 3/8 Titanium11

4.75″ Conversion Parts

Part NumberDescriptionQuantity
154751Collar, Resistivity 4.75 Lower NM2
154791Collar, Resistivity 4.75 Upper NM1
341651 SASM, Standard 4 3/4 BE WINC1
341791 SASM, Resistivity 4 3/4 UHBO1

6.75″ Conversion Parts

Part NumberDescriptionQuantity
154751Collar, Resistivity 6.75 Lower NM1
154791Collar, Resistivity 6.75 Upper NM1
341651 SASM, Standard 6 3/4 BE WINC1
341791 SASM, Resistivity 6 3/4 UHBO1

Parts From the MWD Kit

Part NumberDescriptionQuantity
340501Vertex Pulser1
340382ICU Assembly1
5DM222 DM Sensor1
5GA152 Gamma Sensor1