Arm Yourself with Tools Made to Overcome Any Challenge

Our tough, fast, affordable and easy to use tools are made to succeed in today’s drilling world. Constructed in North America to the highest quality standards to deliver peak performance in all conditions.

The Complete Vertex MWD Kit

A complete kit of Vertex positive mud pulse telemetry MWD tools utilizing lithium-Ion batteries to power directional and standard Gamma array sensors. Comprised of 4 sections: Directional Sensor Module, Gamma Sensor Module, Battery Module(s) and Pulser Module.

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WINC (Wireless Inclination) and WINC+ Unmanned Kits

WINC (Wireless Inclination) is an unmanned survey tool that is retrievable.

WINC+ (Wireless Inclination with Azimuth) provides inclination, azimuth, toolface, temp, shock and vibration so you can keep your hole straight and on target, avoiding costly doglegging and potential hole conditions as a result of not circulating while surveying.

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Vertex Premium Pulser

A premium pulser that brings Vertex performance to your current tool string. And with our unique trade in program, you can trade in your current pulser for a great discount on a Vertex pulser.

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Short Pack Tool Option

This is a full MWD tool under 12 feet long with sensors closer to the bit. The smaller size is more reliable with less connectors, more tolerant to high shock and vibrations and easier to service with lower operating cost.

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Integrate Your Tools with the Vertex Platform

Increase the value of your existing tools by adding high-speed telemetry capabilities from Vertex. We will work with you to meet your specific needs. Here are examples of our integration options.

RSS Tool Integration & Propagation Resistivity

Vertex has integrated with multiple Rotary Steerable (RSS) and propagation resistivity tools. Our open platform gives you the ability to integrate with other tool manufacturers.

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Azimuthal Gamma

Get real time, full 360 degree high resolution Gamma images.

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Featured Case Study

Falcon Oilfield

A new record in abrasive and aggressive formations.

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