RSS Tool Integration & Propagation Resistivity

The advanced Vertex solution for propagation and resistivity.

Delivers in Real Time and Memory

All downhole measurements are presentable in both real time and memory. 

Fully Customizable

Including, in conjunction with resistivity, MWD steering, Gamma, shock and vibration.

Integrate Easily

Including leading resistivity tool manufacturers like Paisano, Oliden, RMS, and Well Resolution.

8 Resistivity Measurements

Resistivity measurements, compensated for borehole and electrical errors, in all muds and drilling fluids whether they are oil based or salt saturated.

Dual Transmitter

Dual transmitter per receiver pair spacings and two measurement frequencies.

Logit Included

Vertex logging software (LogIT) is included. LogIT logging includes resistivity to improve geo-steering effectiveness and provide high quality tools for analyzing the downhole environment.

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