Vertex BabelFish Interface for Orbit RSS Integration

Vertex Downhole Real Time Data Transmission is available for use with the Orbit Rotary Steerable Tool. Vertex’s downhole electronics and proprietary surface software enable real time communication from the Orbit RSS tool via the BabelFish wireless link creating the most complete and intuitive system available.


Vertex fast pulse technology delivers data to the rig floor more reliably and much faster than any competitors, greatly enhancing the Orbit RSS tool experience.

Vertex high speed telemetry provides 4 bits per second data transmission — combining the expanded bandwidth with complete operator selectable telemetry formats, any combination of Orbit RSS and Vertex MWD data points can be transmitted.

Formation Evaluation

Real time access to Orbit LWD measurements.

Tool Health

With real time data, there is no guessing if the RSS tool is operating correctly.

Steering Information

Visualize the Orbit directional measurements and steering status.
Real time confirmation of downlinked commands to the Orbit RSS.

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