AziG+ // Azimuthal Gamma Ray, Inclination, Pressure & Drilling Dynamics

The Vertex AziG+ is the highest resolution probe based tool to provide superior gamma ray well-bore imaging. It is the geosteering solution for optimal well placement in real-time and it easily distinguishes between formation layers when drilling in dipping beds, identifies faults and optimizes sliding.

High Sensitivity

The AziG+ can distinguish parallel bed resolutions as low as 20 API difference, compared to the 40 API difference offered by competitors.
Binned Gamma and Total Gamma data are available in real time and memory.

Easy to Use

Vertex software supports real time, and memory imaging as well as scales the gamma ray readings to API, correction for Borehole, Mud weight, and KCl.
Data can be exported in standard log formatS such as WITS, LAS and ASCII.


1 GB of memory. Capacity of 20 days at 100 Hz.
16 sector memory.


Calibration only required every 1,000 circulating hours or once a year.

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