You have a tough job that calls for tough tools

Drilling evolves quickly. Our mission is to provide advanced solutions, giving you the power to overcome challenges and keep on drilling.

Vertex was started in 2011 by a group of established industry experts, driven to develop the next generation of MWD tools. Starting with a Pulser and a field ready Tool Kit, the product line quickly expanded. Success drove our expansion from Calgary to Houston and UAE, providing tools and technologies worldwide.

Vertex Downhole is an integrated oil and gas service company with a product base uniquely geared to support down hole drilling. Our focus is to increase efficiencies for companies by integrating all tools, from the drilling rig to the drill bit. The combination of technical knowledge and management expertise ensures that the quality of the work and your experience is never compromised.

Vertex is a leader designing advanced solutions industry leaders count on to get the job done.

Leadership Team

Quentin Pare

Vice President, Sales & Operations Western Hemisphere

Jeremy Lorenowicz

Vice President, Sales & Operations Eastern Hemisphere

Carl Brown

Vice President, Engineering

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