Vertex Downhole Products Overview

Vertex Downhole tools are manufactured in North America to the highest quality standards using the best materials available.  We strive to provide technologies to our customers to meet their needs in challenging environments from high-pressure to high temperature wells.  With international distribution, we focus on providing the right technology and the right tools to help complete the job safety while exceeding performance expectations.

Mudlink High Speed Upgrade

The Mudlink High Speed Mudpulse MWD kit tool is a probe based, retrievable, mud pulse system capable of operating at 4 to 5 bits per second.
Our upgrade kit converts your tools to the Mudlink protocol. This will upgrade your current data rate from less than 1 bit per second to Mudlinks 4 to 5 bits /second. This completely removes the limitations that exist for these older generation tools.

Vertex Completed MWD Kit

With a maximum operating temperature of 175°C (347°F), the Vertex MWD kit offers a rugged design built to withstand the most extreme drilling conditions. Three times faster data transmission ensures operators see added value compared to conventional mud pulse.

WINC+ and WINC Kit

WINC (Wireless Inclination) is an unmanned survey tool that is both retrievable and reseatable. Approximately 12 feet in length, WINC has a inclination accuracy of ±0.10 up to 22.5°. It is supplied in a pre-loaded short drill collar in 4.75″, 6.5″, 8.0″, 9.0″, 9.5″. Extreme LCM tolerance of over 40 lbs/barrel it is a leader in the market.

WINC+ (Wireless Inclination with Azimuth) has the ability to provide inclination, azimuth and toolface, so you can keep your hole straight and on target, avoiding costly doglegging and potential hole conditions as a result of not circulating while surveying.

The Vertex Pulser

The Pulser that leaves the competition in the dust.

Direct V - Straight Hole, Drift Correction Tool (DCT)

Direct V is fully automatic, electro mechanical, and has a closed loop system with a configureable +/- .2° inclination accuracy threshold that allows the moveable hydraulic stabilizers to expand and to redirect the path to vertical.

The Vertex Propagation Resistivity (VPR) Tool

The Advanced Solution for Propagation & Resistivity:

The resistivity propagation tool consists of dual transmitter per receiver pair spacing’s and two measurement frequencies. It provides eight resistivity measurements, compensated for borehole and electrical errors, in all muds and drilling fluids whether they are oil based or salt saturated.


At Vertex, it is our mission to bring value to our customers by providing a proven and reliable drilling motor. The Commander motor rental fleet sizes range from 3-3/4” to 8” in diameter. With continuous advancements to our motors over the past 11 years, we bring a premium design motor fleet to the industry.

Depth Tracking

Our depth tracking kit which provides communications via WITS. An Ethernet Extender Kit to provide Class1/ Division 2 for Hazardous area operations is also available.