Our global presence, training program and 24/7 field support ensures the quality of the work and your client experience is never compromised.

Effective training

We make training on Vertex equipment quick and easy with full training, operations and maintenance manuals to ensure that operators are quickly trained and certified to operate the Vertex tool platform. We also have global 24/7 field support available by phone or in person.

Locations worldwide

Wherever you are, we are nearby. Our facilities in Canada, USA and UAE offer quick and reliable support services, rental fleets and spare parts inventories to all continents.

Maintenance Facility Support

We can also provide extensive support to set up clients with their own maintenance facility at a reasonable cost.

Rent or buy

The flexibility to rent or buy is an enormous advantage for your business. You can access the latest technology while maintaining complete control over costs.


The Vertex Kit Trade In Program

Trade in your current tools for a discount on a Mudlink High Speed Mudpulse MWD kit. Join market leaders enjoying the faster Mudlink protocol, increasing data rate from less than 1 bit per second to Mudlink speed of 4 bits/second.

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Featured Case Study

Falcon Oilfield

A new record in abrasive and aggressive formations.

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