Vertex Tools Hammer NPT

Powerful advantages combine to deliver speed, ease of operation and reliability for lower operating costs and reduced NPT.

Tougher tools

Vertex tools withstand extreme depth, pressure, shock and temperature for performance in even the toughest environments.  Our assembly, inspection and test procedures follow the ISO 9001:2015 compliant quality management system ensuring rock-solid quality and reliability.

High speed – all the time

Vertex data transmission rates from downhole tools to surface is 4 bits/second – for even the deepest wells and a large range of flow rates. That’s 4-8 times faster than competitors, giving you the freedom to go high speed when you want to.

Lower operating costs

Vertex tools are designed to offer significant operational savings, thanks to enhanced components and simplified maintenance. The Vertex platform requires less training and fewer people to operate, minimizing the overall footprint.

Easier to maintain

Vertex tool platform maintenance time is approximately 30% shorter than the nearest competitor.


Certified for Hot Hole Environments

All Vertex tool components are rated for 175° C.

Geothermal Drilling

Arm yourself with tools made to overcome any challenge from Oil and Gas to Geothermal Drilling Onshore to Offshore.

High Dogleg Capability

Vertex tools will go wherever you need them to go.

Easy Integration with Other Tools

Our open platform integrates easily with a number of other technologies giving you the flexibility to quickly add anything you need to the string.

Unique Latching System

The Vertex Latching system ensures the tool does not come unseated and is still retrievable. This allows tools to continue to pulse reliably in high shock and vibration environments, eliminating wear and premature failures.

Rotary Connects for Simple Assembly

Rotary connects boost ease and efficiency of tool assembly which increases reliability. Also saves you money thanks to less opportunity for damage.

Large Flow Range Capabilities

Vertex tools are designed to operate well over ordinary pressure (greater than 5000 psi and up to 1,400 GPM) and can withstand high solid content in the mud.


Vertex tools can operate wirelessly over long distances, easing congestion and increasing safety on drill sites.

Unmanned Options

Our WINC and WINC+ tools are ideal for straight holes. You can monitor data from your office – with minimal operator setup required. If there is no WIFI, SIM card options are available.

Dual Transducer Decoder

Our Dual Digitizer provides a second pressure channel to deliver a clearer signal for much more reliable decoding.

Azimuthal Gamma

Our Azi-Gamma tool provides real time data for optimal geo-steering and sharpens images in target formations.

Featured Case Study

Falcon Oilfield

A new record in abrasive and aggressive formations.

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