Vertex Pulser & Valves

A premium Pulser designed for simple serviceability and efficient on rig-site configuration, the Vertex Pulser works interchangeably with both the Vertex Toplink Valve and the Vertex Latching Lower Valve. Top-mounted or bottom-landed, ideal for stand-alone or rotary steerable tools and LWD implementations.


The Pulser has a rugged construction, designed for high vibration environment with high LCM tolerance.

The Latching Lower Valve  and the Toplink Valve have robust, refined designs which include extensive tungsten carbide cladding to maximize wear life.


Open platform compatible so it integrates easily with other systems.

Both the Latching Lower Valve and the Toplink Valve require minimal training — field personnel will be quickly up to speed.


The Pulser can be serviced quickly with a minimum of tools, and fills in less than 30 minutes.

The dual versatility of the Vertex Pulser product allows operators to efficiently deploy their pulsers with the right valve for the right job.  

64 MB

Extensive memory for logging and diagnostic uses.

15 – 29 VDC

Operating Voltage.


Indexed sub-assemblies for fast, trouble free assembly.

Interchangeable between Toplink Valve (top mount) or Latching Lower Valve (bottom mount) on rig-site.

Trade Up

Trade in your current pulser for a discount on a new Vertex pulser.

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