LogIT Software Release

Vertex Downhole Ltd. is pleased to announce a substantial upgrade to its LogIT software and related firmware for its industry leading MWD tools. The Vertex MWD tool platform is a game changer for our customers due to its patented high-speed telemetry system and its superior design that offers significant savings in ongoing operating costs.

This release incorporates the following improvements in operation, flexibility, and reliability:

  • Pulsers can run sensorless mode to eliminate tool failure caused by hall sensor issues
  • Improved power efficiency and enhanced battery life
  • Enhanced graphical displays for pulser visuals
  • Improved quality inclination & azimuth while drilling
  • Real-time tool face and Gamma in survey sequence allows you to go straight to bottom when the pumps come up without gaps in data
  • Time based log plotting
  • Automatic depth/time correlation for memory plotting
  • More robust plotting capabilities
  • Enhanced WITS support
  • Automatic full six-axis survey calculations
  • Real-time and memory logged Stick/Slip measurement
  • Improved high RPM measurements for running below power section
  • Enhanced Gamma correction
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